Jhulan was started 32 years ago in the year 1985 by the Gurukula boys. The boys organised the festival with all the love and devotion from their hearts and worked hard day and night to please Sri Sri Radha Madhava. All these young boys, from the age of 5 to the age of 15, came up with brilliant ideas to decorate the Jhulan area like a forest with hills, trees, plants, lights, animals and much more. Some of them even got blisters from all the hard work. No matter, they continued till they were successful.
Even though a small budget of 10,000rs they achieved a lot through their dedication. That dedication and love for Sri Sri Radha Madhava has carried them to the present day where the festival has almost 15,000-20,000 visitors every day. The budget now stands at 1 million rupees. Devotees from all over Bengal come to see the festival.
The festival is held over a 5 day period, in which there are cultural programs, lamp offerings, bhajans and kirtans; bhoga offering, swinging the Deities, fountains, Prasadam distribution and much more. The best attraction is on the day of Balaram Purnima where rakhi is tied to the Lord, and also the pot breaking ceremony happens, holy and a flower abhishek for the Lord are some of highlights as well. In the end Their Lordships are taken through a procession with a display of fireworks and dancing devotees.